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Candidate FAQs:

Can I search Singleton Jobs for vacancies without being registered on the site?

Yes you can search for jobs but you have to register if you wish to apply for a job. This is free of charge.

Why do I need to register?

When you register, your details are saved for you to use when you apply for a job that you find on

How can I receive job alerts by email?

When you register you will be asked if you wish to receive email alerts. Select the categories that suit you and you will be emailed job alerts.

Who should I contact if I require more information?

Please contact the Singleton Jobs team on:

How can I update my CV?

When you have uploaded your CV onto your profile page, your details are saved. If you wish to add a new CV or make changes to your CV, please access your profile by signing into your profile using the login button at the top of the home page. You can also make changes to your personal information within your profile.

How long will my CV remain active?

Your CV is active indefinitely. No clients will have access to it unless you apply for a job.

How can I stop receiving email job alerts?

You can switch this service on or off from your profile. Login using your username and password and un-tick the job alert box.

CV confidentiality, how is this handled?

We do not allow database searching so no one can see your CV until you apply for a job, when it will be sent with your application. Please click on our Privacy Policy to read more about data protection.

How much will it cost me, the candidate?

We do not charge candidates. You can search, register and apply for jobs free of charge.

How do I access my account?

Once you have registered with www.singleton, you can access your account through the login at the top right hand corner of the homepage, where you will be required to enter your username and password that was created when you signed up to the site. Once logged in, you can make changes to your profile, such as updating contact details and updating your CV etc.

Recruiter FAQs:

How much will it cost me, the Recruiter?

We charge companies and recruiters to post jobs on For further details and exact costs please contact the Singleton Jobs team who will be happy to help. Please email

Can I search the candidate database?

We assure candidates of confidentiality when they register with so you cannot search the database.

What happens if I need to ask some more questions?

The Singleton Jobs team is here to provide you with all the assistance you need. Please contact us at

Is Singleton Jobs linked to a recruitment agency?

No. Singleton Jobs is an independent private company and is not linked to any recruitment agencies.

How long will a job remain active on the site?

Jobs are usually posted for 3 months at a time. However, you may wish to advertise for longer. This is entirely up to you and we can quote for an extension upon request.

Do the candidates’ contact details remain confidential?

Candidates’ data is confidential and is only released when they apply for a vacancy

Should I register as an employer?

If you wish to advertise a job vacancy or find out more about advertising a job vacancy then you should register as an employer by creating a profile in the top right hand corner of the homepage.

Advertising FAQs:

How do I place an advert on Singleton Jobs?

Please send us an email at and someone from our advertising team will call you back

TEL: 0871-977-1123 | E-MAIL: 


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